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Alan Parrot

The Falconer


John Loftus

Alan's Former Attorney

The Informant


Ronald Jean-Marie

T2 Interviewer




Act 1

Man on a Mission

Alan Parrot is a professional Falconer who has dedicated his life to the conservation and protection of Falcons. His passion for these birds of prey landed him in between the world that he loves and the world where terrorists conduct their business.

Having spent decades in the Middle East training and handling Falcons for Sheiks and Princes throughout the Arab world, Alan had made a lot of connections and got to learn a lot about Falcon Camps and how they were used to proliferate terrorism.

His last decade living abroad, Alan became interested in stopping the illegal trade of Falcons and befriended smugglers who would come to share information that, if true, would challenge everything we were told about the hunt for Osama bin Laden.

Act 2

T2: Judgement Day

In the Feathered Cocaine documentary, Alan Parrot mentions a smuggler friend codenamed T2. This smuggler and Alan apparently became friends through Alan's work of ending illegal Falcon trading. 

After receiving threats from the CIA, and 8 months of silence from the Pentagon, Alan put together a team to go locate T2 and get a first-hand account statement that T2 has personally seen Osama bin Laden alive. After a month of effort, Alan had the meeting set up so he and an "interrogator", Ronald Jean-Marie, traveled to Tajikistan for the interview.

In the interview, T2 claimed to have first met Osama bin Laden in Balochistan Pakistan in November 2004. T2 went on to claim that he had met with Osama bin Laden an additional five more times since that first encounter. Once in 2005, and four more times in 2006. T2 claimed Osama bin Laden Falcon hunted each year between September to March. T2 also said in the interview that Osama bin Laden was in good health, contrary to what was written.

When asked if he knew about the $50 million reward, T2 replied, "of course I knew it, but he is a human being like others, and besides, I already have money". Ronald pressed him further by asking "So $50 million didn't tempt you?". T2 replied, "I have no need for that dirty money."

With the statements from T2, Alan and his team had decided to try to use the 3 frequencies that Osama bin Laden's Falcons were using on their radio telemetry equipment to be able to locate and capture Osama bin Laden to finally bring him to justice and to collect the reward.

Alan then hired an Attorney with intelligence community connections, John Loftus, in hopes of sharing his information. Alan claims that they were told by two CIA personnel "Yes, we know UBL is in Iran, it’s a trade secret, leave him alone”, and then was subsequently threatened physical harm if they pursued Osama bin Laden in Iran.

Alan and his team were frustrated, but not defeated...


Acts 3 through 6 are not based on the documentary "Feathered Cocaine". These additional claims by alan Parrot were first released at trump doral in october 2020 during the american priority conference.

BESIDES ALAN, The cast above are not related to the below claims made by alan parrot


Act 3

Trophy Kill

Alan, deciding to pursue his plan to catch Osama bin Laden, claims to have had discussions with former NM Governor Bill Richardson, former US Rep Curt Weldon, and a friend of Joe Biden, Brian Ettinger to set up a delegation to receive Osama bin Laden and was ready to execute the plan in December 2010, however, Alan had learned that Hillary Clinton had Osama bin Laden moved to the compound in Abbottabad Pakistan in August of 2010 for the sole purpose of waiting for his execution by the United States of America. Alan claims that this was done to improve President Obama's chance to be re-elected to his 2nd term.

Act 4

Osama bin Johnson?

In Alan's recorded statement, played before a crowd on October 10th, 2020 at the American Priority Conference at Trump Doral just outside of Miami Florida, he claims that Iran had double-crossed Hillary Clinton by using an Iranian double-agent, who was a member of the Pakistani ISI, to provide the local CIA outpost Osama bin Laden's DNA ensuring that the US Military would soon assault the compound to kill or capture him.

Alan claims shortly before the US Navy SEAL Team 6 Operators showed up, Iran took Osama bin Laden back to Iran, placing a body double in the compound.

When the SEALs arrived, they apparently killed Osama bin Laden's double and not the man they had been after.

Alan says that SEAL Team 6 found out the truth and disposed of Osama bin Laden's body over the Hindu Kush mountains to destroy any evidence, and faked Osama bin Laden's burial at sea on the USS Carl Vinson.

Alan then says shortly after that, the White House phone rang...


Act 5

The Payoff

Alan's story continues with Iran, having just double-crossed the Obama administration, decided to add insult to injury. According to Alan, there was a ransom demanded to keep Iran quiet about the whole ordeal. The cost to remain silent, $152 billion.

$2 billion of that was in cash and was flown into Iran by the US Government.

Act 6

Extortion 17

Alan claims there is a connection between the incident with shooting down of a US Chinook helicopter (Extortion 17) resulting in numerous casualties, including 15 US Navy SEALs in the Golden Knights. 

According to Alan, Joe Biden was directly involved in setting up the mission of Extortion 17 resulting in an ambush on the helicopter in the Tangi Valley of Afghanistan.

This treasonous act of betrayal, according to Alan, was a payment to Osama bin Laden for the death of his son at the compound in Abbottabad.

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